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Introducing Skraa LLC: Dolls and Products that the Black Community Can Relate To

Updated: Feb 6

Many little black girls grow up with images that do not represent anything they can ever be - White. Skraa LLC is on a mission to correct this by producing black dolls under their Movement Collection.

It’s possible that you’re wondering why this has anything to do with you or how it is important to you. Well, the Movement Collection was initially created so that little black girls can see themselves as they play and that adults can learn to appreciate their identity more.

The reality is, that over the years, white dolls have been the ideal because of a lack of understanding that black can be beautiful too. In multiple experiments done in the past, children were given the option of choosing the doll that was more attractive. They placed two dolls before them, a white doll and a black doll. The lineup of children were from various backgrounds, different races and different ethnicities. In the end, however, they all chose the same doll. Can you guess which one they chose? Yes, the white doll.

From studies like this, it is evident that even little black children are being brainwashed by our society into the idea that white is the better option. With this collection, we’re not suggesting that black is better, we are saying that black children need to see themselves as valuable and as valued.

So, this line of dolls were created to allow actual representation for the little black girls and boys growing up. Not just for them though. This collection is also geared toward adults. At times, as adults, we doubt ourselves and consider that we’d prefer to add a feature here, or take away something there. The message that comes with these dolls is that you are beautiful, just the way you are. I think Bruno Mars would agree.

Along with the dolls being black, we added a little extra touch so that the message is loud and clear. The clothes that the dolls wear will be centered on the movement and will be a constant reminder that black lives matter.

The Nyla doll, for example, is a black queen with braids. She is attired in a ‘Black Lives Matter’ T-shirt with ripped jeans and she proudly holds a fist in the air. Nothing says a movement better than this doll can.

You’re probably wondering now, how are you going to get access to these dolls? You believe wholeheartedly in the celebration and rights of black people and you want to support the community.

Well, Skraa LLC is dedicated to making shopping for items such as these smooth and easy. Our processes are clear and simple for everyone to understand and I promise you won’t regret shopping with us


It’s about time we had a group of humans actually stand together on something and this seems like a great opportunity to me. What about you?

If you believe in innovation and building the community, you should definitely shop with us. View our website and place your order today.

What are you waiting on?

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