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Black Dolls and How They Can Uplift Blacks

Updated: Feb 6

You’re probably wondering why you need to know about black dolls. Well, it’s not just knowing about the dolls, it’s also knowing why you should play with them. Here are a few reasons why playing with them may be beneficial to you, your children, and at large, our society.


In every industry, having representation for children is necessary. Representation helps children understand who they are, what they’re worth and things that they can possibly accomplish in the future.

With that in mind, what can these black dolls teach young boys and girls? Well, firstly, we remove the idea that only white dolls are beautiful and valuable. Essentially, the little black girls and boys need to see and believe that they are worth it, the white girls and boys need to see that black lives are valuable as well.


Are black people beautiful? Obviously! So, through these dolls, we’re able to celebrate the heritage of black people. We’re also able to celebrate the skin we’re in and the people that have brought us to this level of freedom.

Diversity in Thought

We are not suggesting that black dolls are the only dolls that children need to play with. We’re also not suggesting that only black children should play with black dolls. With that said, black dolls add a layer that doesn’t currently exist. Allowing children of various backgrounds to play with black dolls, reminds them or teaches them that every individual is worthy no matter the colour of their skin.


You thought that dolls were only for children? Sike! For adults, I think it reminds us all that there is something valuable about every ethnicity and race. It’s also a way to keep reminding the people that black lives matter because the dolls are clothed in attire with a message of equality for all.


Now, we’re sure that you’re wondering why you haven’t bought a black doll yet? Or maybe you’re thinking, “it’s time to get myself one but where do I go?” Skraa LLC is producing dolls just for you in the Movement Collection. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

Black is the new orange.

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