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Changing the Game: Emancipating Both Black and White Minds

Updated: Feb 6

Black Lives Matter! Does that mean anything to you?

You’d think it’s obvious, right? Like, clearly, black lives must matter or should matter. Here’s the reality in our world though, quite a number of black people don’t see the value in themselves and neither do an amount of white folks.

So, this business is here to remind black and white folks of their value.

At the beginning of black life, Africans were in Africa, loving each other and living in harmony. Every tribe was, as we would say “living their best life”. And then, the Caucasians entered the territory, separating the people from each other. From there, Africans were carried across many seas to islands and countries near and fear.

In America, much like other places, Africans were gone to these islands and countries to work hard and slave for “the white man”. They lived in horrible conditions, worked long hours, endured extreme pain and still did all the work they were required to do.

Eventually, black people were given liberation and were allowed to do certain things. However, there was still so much segregation between black and white people in situations like bus rides and water fountains. That’s why we even know who Rosa Parks is.

But guess what? After all these years, you’d think that the world would fully acknowledge that black people would be allowed full autonomy to live their life. However, in many societies, black people aren’t acknowledging that they are beautiful and valuable and white people are still being racist, thinking that black people are less than superior.

The Movement Collection is here to remind black people that their value is incomparable and to convince white people that we add value to the world. The reality is that many of our ideas of the world are ingrained from we are children and so as a collection, we need the children to understand that no race is above another.


We are uplifting the community because we are ensuring that what we are currently seeing can be changed. We want to know that when these children are grown, these racist tendencies will no longer pervade our societies.

Are you ready for that new society?

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